thermal paper rolls

If you operate a restaurant, giving your customers paper receipts is expected. It is a clear indication that you value your business and understand what customer experience is. However, getting the best 3 ply paper rolls for your thermal printer is not a walk in the park.

You might select a thermal paper supplier to supply you with 3 ply paper rolls now and then. However, in most cases, you will experience disappointments due to poor quality and delays in-order delivery. At Thermal Paper Plus, we pride ourselves on being a leading thermal printer paper supplier. Here are some of the reasons why you should order your 3 ply paper rolls from us.

1. Availability as Needed

As a restaurant operator, you may not know when your 3 ply paper rolls are out of stock. You will mostly be required to order your thermal paper rolls when the need arises. You don’t want to order your 3 ply paper rolls only to find that the supplier doesn’t currently have them in stock. At Thermal Paper Plus, we never run out of stock for all the thermal paper required by our customers. Our thermal rolls are always available and in-stock when needed.

2. Best Price Possible

Prices differ from one supplier to the other. Some thermal paper suppliers supply their printer papers at prime rates while others have priced their papers the lowest in the market. At Thermal Paper Plus, we have not priced our papers beyond reach. We do not have price differentiation when it comes to our customers. We sell 3 ply paper rolls to startups and established companies at similar prices. We have economically competitive prices while at the same time paying attention to thermal quality.

3. Made in the United States

We are aware that there has been an influx of goods manufactured in other parts of the world selling in the United States market. Although these products may be of good quality, they may also have some deficiencies when it comes to adhering to the manufacturing codes of the United States. Therefore, we make sure that all our thermal paper rolls are manufactured within the boundaries of the United States. Our 3 ply paper rolls have not been produced through unfair labor practices or any form of manufacturing that may contravene the acceptable regulations of the United States.

4. BPA Free Papers

Although we are focused on offering competitively priced thermal rolls, we also care greatly about the safety of our customers. We do not want your health and that of your staff to be affected by selling you products that have hazardous compounds. Our thermal rolls are BPA free, which means that you will not come across the traces of Bisphenol A in our papers. It is important to highlight that Bisphenol A is an organic compound that has significant impacts on natural hormones.

5. Highest Quality

If you are looking for a high-quality POS thermal paper, you can be sure that we are offering the best. Our POS paper rolls meet all the fundamentals of a quality paper. We use natural materials and advanced technology in paper manufacturing processes. Our thermal rolls will serve you as expected, and you will never worry about running out of stock.

6. Immediate Order Delivery

You don’t have to panic about order processing time. Our order processing and delivery department are focused on ensuring that our customers get their orders processed immediately. We have incorporated a policy that allows us to process and deliver all orders within three days. We also have free order deliveries, which will help you to save some bucks and invest in other areas of your restaurant.

Are you looking for 3 ply paper rolls? At Thermal Paper Plus, we sell high-quality thermal paper rolls. We will focus on your thermal paper needs while you focus on your business. You don’t have to worry about the delivery time and cost. Order your POS 3 ply paper rolls today for immediate delivery.