Companies try to create customer-return incentive by placing coupons on their receipts, but often forget that customers have more to offer than just their money. They can offer feedback. A business that isn’t growing is one that’s falling behind, which is why more companies should see receipts as an opportunity to advertise surveys.

What to Ask for

The point of a survey is to collect valuable data that can be used to help your business improve. Here’s what your survey can ask for:

  • Feedback on customer service quality
    • This can help your business create dialogue with employees and managers. Be sure to share with the staff the feedback received from these surveys and take time to discuss how low-quality service can be improved.
  • Open ended suggestions to improve customer experience
    • Surveys allow you to see your business from your customers’ perspective. Again, share this input with staff to see how as a team, you can meet customers’ expectations.
  • Input on current promotions
    • This is a great way to find out if your marketing methods are efficient. Ask your customers if they’ve heard about new sales you’re having and how they heard about them.
  • Input on new product ideas
    • What better way to find out what your customers want than by asking them directly? Frequent shoppers can provide valuable input on what consumers are currently looking for.
  • Demographics of shoppers
    • Allowing survey-takers to provide information on their sex and/or race can help your business see which demographics you aren’t appealing to yet.

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