plotter rolls

While thermal paper rolls can be commonly found throughout the retail business in the United States and abroad, plotter paper is something that can benefit technical businesses, engineers, and architects. Plotter rolls are typically measured by inches, with common widths being 11, 17, 18, 22, 24, 30, 34, 36, and 42 inches, depending on how much space a design needs.

The paper itself can be coated or uncoated and is designed for a variety of line drawings and prints through a plotter machine. This can help achieve a level of accuracy that has benefited many industries that utilize blueprint designs.

The Used and Advantages of Plotter Rolls

Plotter paper rolls have been used for decades and nowadays they can be used for traditional ink and inkjet printing alike. These paper rolls can be fed through a plotter machine to create a variety of designs and vector graphics. The end results are highly accurate and allow for the printing of diagrams, layouts, blueprints and more. While they can be used by many industries, primarily architects, designers, and engineers utilize plotter rolls.

Different Kinds of Plotter Rolls

Plotter rolls can be bought in a variety of sizes, weights, thicknesses, and textures, depending on the needed results. Some are designed to be used with a flatbed plotter machine while others with electrostatic plotters. Electrostatic options use coated plotter rolls to create positive and negative charges that result in the end result.

Overall, one of the most popular types of plotter paper is vellum; however, vinyl and bond paper rolls are more commonly used in architecture and engineering. This is because bond paper has an incredible versatility that makes it create from photographic charts, line drawings, and text. You can also find this type in a glossier option that makes it perfect for advertising and tradeshows.

Additionally, since most of the paper created in the United States is now made with recycled fibers, plotter rolls are now also eco-friendly options. If you think your business could benefit from the addition of plotter rolls, reach out to a supplier and see about stocking up. If you need accurate deigns and schematics, plotter paper is something to seriously consider. Shop online at Thermal Paper Plus today for plotter paper!