thermal paper rolls

Most businesses in the United States increase their paper output by 25% each year. While standard printer paper is used a lot, thermal paper is one of the most used types that businesses often see increased. While the output increase might sound like a bad thing, provided you have thermal paper suppliers that can keep you well-stocked, it’s actually a good thing! Often used in receipt printers, the more thermal paper you use the better your business is likely to be doing.

Thermal paper rolls have many advantages over other types, in that they don’t utilize ink for printing. When heat — from the thermal printer — is applied to the specialized coating, a clear and easy to read image is left behind. For this reason, thermal paper rolls are often the best for receipts as they will be clear to read and last longer than ink using alternatives.

Using thermal paper rolls also provides one of the fastest ways to create high-definition images or text. This makes them useful, not only in consumer business but also in the healthcare field. Medical professionals use thermal paper for technical prints such as ultrasounds, electrocardiograms, and prescription labels. Furthermore, thermal paper rolls are also used by ticketing agencies, lottery systems, and any other business that needs fast, easy to read, and reliable prints.

There are numerous advantages that can come from using terminal paper. A few of the most significant include:

  • Thermal paper can be printed faster than other ink using alternatives. This allows for receipts and important labels to be printed faster, making them a must-have for busy high-volume printing applications.
  • Thermal paper also allows for the creation of high-quality images that can benefit both retailers and hospitals, where important information needs to be clearly printed without blurring or smearing.
  • Thermal paper rolls can also be used to create barcodes that make exchanges and returns easier for customers and staff members at a retail outlet. Receipts like this can help deter fraud and keep transactions safer overall.
  • Thermal printers are also more durable, and, because they don’t use a lot of moving parts, aren’t susceptible to jams or breakdowns. This means you can get much more use out of a thermal printer and trust that printing will go smoothly when you need a high-volume of receipts of labels printed.
  • Thermal paper rolls can also product quality labels and receipts that are capable of lasting for years — if not decades — making them perfect for important information that needs to be stored long-term. Additionally, because there is no ink, you don’t have to worry about smudging or fading due to time.

Thermal paper is capable of benefiting many fields where reliable, long-lasting, and easy to read receipts, labels, or images are needed. If you think your business could benefit from the inclusion of thermal printing, reach out to thermal paper suppliers and see about stocking up on thermal paper rolls. Once you see the high-definition results, you won’t want to go back to traditional ink printing again. Check out our stock at Thermal Paper Plus today.