2 Ply Carbonless Paper & 3 Ply Paper Rolls

We here at Thermal Paper Plus pride ourselves on providing a wide selection of thermal paper options.  So whether you need 2 ply carbonless paper, 3 ⅛ thermal paper, 3 ply paper rolls, or any other size or length, we have the resources to keep your business in stock. If you are unsure what size thermal or carbonless paper would best suit your needs, contact our friendly and professional customer service team any time.  Whether you have a small business that only needs one case of 3 ply paper rolls or you have a large business that requires a backstock of 100 cases of 2 ply carbonless paper, we will provide the support and service you need to ensure your business runs smoothly. 

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  • 3″ x 95′ 2Ply Paper – White/Canary (50 Rolls/Case)

  • 3″ x 65′ 3Ply Paper – White/Canary/Pink (50 Rolls/Case)

  • 3 1/4″ x 95′ 2Ply Paper – White/Canary (50 Rolls/Case)

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