One way businesses can make the most of their receipts is by putting coupons on them. You’re obligated to give your customers receipts. You may as well build incentive for them to return.

Why Coupons?

Not only does placing coupons on receipts keep loyal customers, but it encourages new customers to come back again.

What Kind of Coupons?

Often, coupons drive customers to buy something they may have never tried before. On receipts, put coupons for items and products that don’t seem to be selling as well. It’s also smart to insert coupons for new products.

Create Urgency

If you insert a coupon that doesn’t have an expiration date, you won’t get returning customers. Making your coupon only good until a certain day motivates your customers to return soon. Giving coupons expiration dates also allows your business to create new discounts periodically in case your original offer was too good.

Realistic and Not Too Specific

Your business shouldn’t have to constantly offer 80% off meals in order to gain returning customers. Only the other hand, you can’t be too stingy. Expiration dates are good, but your customers will be able to see right through a coupon that only works during certain hours of certain days.

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