Color is much more powerful than we realize. It evokes emotions, and experts often incorporate color into their marketing strategy. Every business has some form of a receipt and many are rightfully taking advantage of that fact. Here are ways colorful receipts can make your company leave a lasting impact.


Orange is used to promote sales because it draws attention. It’s often used by companies with mostly children demographics. This color incites excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth.


Similar to orange, yellow draws attention and is used in promotions. It also makes people feel optimistic and warm.


Purple is historically connected to wealth, royalty, and success. Businesses that provide high-end products often use purple.


Similar to purple, black is also associated with high-end products. It’s considered a powerful and controlling color.


It’s not a surprising fact that businesses revolving around natural products use green. This color is associated with nature, ecology, health, and tranquility.


Just like green, brown is used in a lot of organic and outdoor products because it’s associated with nature. It creates feelings of comfort, maturity, and reliability.


If your business has a mostly male demographic, using blue doesn’t make you stereotypical. This color is preferred by men and creates feelings of serenity, trust, and dependability.


Pink is associated with femininity which is why businesses with mostly female demographics use it. It’s a youthful, lighthearted, and calming color.


This color is used by many fast food restaurant chains because it encourages appetite.

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