Businesses are legally obligated to provide receipts, and they should use this to their advantage. Here are ways your company can leave a lasting impression using receipts.


Humans are very visual and therefore it’s hard for us to forget a design. Placing your logo on the top of your receipts ensures that it’ll be the first thing your customers see and will stay on their minds after they walk out of your establishment.


Many businesses, such as grocery stores and drug stores, are providing coupons on their receipts. This tactic gives your customers incentive to come back.

Survey Customers

Another way businesses can incentivize customer-return is by providing links to surveys in receipts. Fast food restaurants, for instance, often provide free meals for these completed surveys.

Email Subscription

If your company has an email newsletter, include the sign-up link in the receipt. Be sure to clarify what the newsletter will provide (ie sales, promotions, etc).

Advertise Specials

Use receipts as an opportunity to promote specials on slow sales days and new products.

Promote Special Events

You can use receipts to inform customers of special events your business is having, especially during holidays and anniversaries.

Recruit Employees

Providing a phone number and job application website on receipts is never a bad idea.

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