credit card thermal paper

Every major industry uses paper and over 92 million metric tons of paper is produced by the United States annually. One such type of paper, that all of us are familiar with, is credit card thermal paper. Credit card thermal paper is used by millions of restaurants, retail outlets, and any other outlet which offers receipts of payment. If you are one such business, then you are undoubtedly familiar with the standard point of sale thermal label printers that utilize thermal paper rolls to provide customers with proof of purchase. Used by millions of businesses, a new model of printer has just been introduced by Epson and it’s poised to replace the older TM-L90 models.

The Big Reveal

Epson America, Inc. recently debuted it’s newest thermal printer at the NRF 2020 Retail’s Big Show in New York. This newest iteration has support for both receipt and free-line printing and features a unique label-taken sensor and specialized back-feed functions. All of this allows businesses to print credit card thermal paper faster and better ensure the accuracy of details without losing time. The TM-L90II thermal printer stands to improve productivity and increase efficiency throughout the retail and hospitality industries.


The TM-L90II is both versatile and functional. It supports 40, 58, and 80mm media to ensure that businesses are able to use a variety of credit card thermal paper sizes and utilizes the printer for a wider variety of purposes. With liner-free label printing and receipt printing, it can help to consolidate printing loads to a singular machine.

Another improvement is mPOS capability, enabling the ability for printing from tablets and smartphones, further increasing functionality and efficiency. Additionally, because it comes with a label-taken sensor, you can queue multiple print jobs while only printing one at a time. This prevents backups and jams that can often occur when multiple labels are printing consecutively without pause. A further reduction in character-height and white-space works to reduce waste and paper usage by up to 47% by printing smaller and using more of the thermal paper space.

Furthermore, the TM-L90II features a dual interface and a built-in USB for fast connectivity with a maximum print speed of 170mm per second.

Updated Features

Let’s take a look at the features individually.

  • Back-Feed Automatically retracts labels to ensure printing can utilize the most amount of paper.
  • Paper Saving Utilizing more of the thermal paper and reducing the amount of wasted space, saving thermal paper overall and allowing receipt paper rolls to last longer.
  • Ready Labels The ability to print ready to use labels for increased productivity and faster service times.
  • mPOS Smartphone and tablet compatible printing.
  • Fast Printing With a maximum speed of 170 mm per second.
  • Smart Sensing Capable of sensing media type and width without manual programming.
  • Label-Taken Sensor Allowing multiple print jobs to run consecutively without ruining labels or jams.

If you’re a business that makes use of receipts and labels, the TM-L90II is something to keep in mind. Available from Epson providers starting this March, this thermal printer has the potential to increase business productivity and efficiency while helping cut back on the tons of paper waste produced every year. It’s a win-win for both businesses and the environment. For your business thermal paper needs, shop online at Thermal Paper Plus today — affordable prices and easy check out!